Season 2--re-evaluation

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:28:20 EST

I while ago I made a comment that second season sucked, and
I got spammed for it a bit. So, as soon as I got the time, I decided
go back and re-evaluate the season in a whole. My last impressions
weren't too good--the last I had seen of the series where the
where Razor (my favorite character, surprise surprise) was drawn as
box. Even David Doi, in my phone conversation with him, said those
episodes simply weren't done well. So the season basically left a
taste in my mouth. Also, seaQuest also sucked in its second season
I was kind of used to that first-season-was-cool-second-season-had-
these-bad-scripts thing. Sorry.
    I don't have time to go through ALL the episodes ONE by ONE, so
here are my general comments:

   This season featured a good range of animation. The 1st season
had Mook for three or four episodes, then some other guy doing the
where the kats would get sort of bubbly every one in a while. Season
featured 2 1/2 Mooks, but also some VERY good usage of shading and
carefully done artwork in Deadly Pyramid. I'm no fan of dark shading,
it was used VERY professionally and it made this episode a pleasure
watch. Cry Turmoil also had a hint of this technic (sp?). Other
like Mutation City, had HORRIBLE animation, especially with T-B and
Watch that scene in the obstacle course in Mutation City--even Davis

admitted that was BAD. I have never been able to watch that scene
than once in a sitting. In Razor's Edge we so ANOTHER style, one
their mouths seemed kinda small and didn't open much in a few scenes

(Jake's ears also got sort of large).

    Again, a good range--this time similar to 1st season. We had
stuff like Razor's Edge (MY favorite of the season) and Cry Turmoil,
which I
rate up with Metal Urgency and Katastrophe. Origin of Dr. Viper was
OK, too,
it was good for fanfics, but I suppose it could have been done better
it been given more time. On the other hand, Volcanus Eruptus and
basically sucked--nothing but fight scenes. Mutation City was
interesting, but
again the animation was so unbearable I can't watch it that often. We
had that mining plot, which was unfortunately a repeat of that
cicadas episode.

    Felina Feral was the greatest thing to happen in season 2. Her
was awesome, getting away from that damsel-in-distress stuff we saw
so much
off in season 1. Also, we saw some great stuff among female clothing--
both Cally
and Abi had episodes where they weren't wearing slim skirts and
outfits. Cally had her own little car stunt in Mutation City, and Abi
was brave
enough in Deadly Pyramid. Oh yeah, and even Anne Gora got into pants.

    As for males, we saw some GREAT stuff in Razor's Edge with Razor
T-Bone in Cry Turmoil. Feral--well, I suppose he'll always be Feral,
and Manx'll
always be Manx. I don't have any problem with that.

If I think of anything more to say I'll send out another note. BTW,
my fanfic
Children of the Stone, (208 KB, BEAT THAT), it finished, but I'm
having problems
uploading through the FTP sight. I need B-KO to get back to me on
that, please.

                                                   Dr. Jake

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