Re: Season 2--re-evaluation

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 18:48:26 +0700 (WIB)

Edo wrote:
>>I will comment on the second season after I have seen all the second episodes.
>>BTW, I think that I like the early second season's plot, it really
>>incorporated Felina's role in the SwatKats universe, some of the later
>>second season's plot seem to be just a recap from the first season

Andy Hill wrote:
>Um, these two statements contradict alarmingly.

No, it didn't (Well, not to my opinion that is). To determine the animation
in that episode is good or not, I have to watch the episode. To see the
plot, I can just read the episode guide (it is not a complete episode, but
I will get some idea of what the episode is all about).

Besides, the message that I say is about Felina's role in the second
season, not the whole entire second season episodes.

>I don't personally see any duplication from any first season eps to those
>of >the second - in point of fact,

Well, it is not a complete retelling of an episode, but there is some
similarities in it.

>the thing got axed just as the writers were getting comfortable with the
>characters and the possibilities inherent in the setup.

Well, in the second season episodes the voice actors seem to be a little
bit adjusted to the characters that they played.

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