Re: Season 2--re-evaluation

From: Razor <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 02:26:32 -0500

On 2/15/96 at 10:26 PM, wrote:
>Personally, I liked "Mutation City" a little better than the other eps
>(actually, it's my favorite ep). I also enjoyed"Bright and Shiny Future". I
>guess I liked Mook's animation (especially the early second season stuff) a
>little better than the rest.

Mook's second season work is, IMHO, far better than its first season work.
I'll have to confess, however, that I liked Hanho Heung-Up better than Mook
as far as the first-season episodes went (particularly with respect to how
T-Bone and Razor were drawn), but that Mook's quality improved dramatically
with the second season.

My nomination for best-animated SK episode is (and probably still remains)
"The Deadly Pyramid." If you haven't seen it, watch for it on the Cartoon
Network; or if you don't get TCN, get someone to dub you a copy. <grin>

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