Re: A SWAT Kats' month?

From: Razor <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 00:13:23 -0500

On 2/15/96 at 10:26 PM, wrote:
>>I vote for July too, cause then we're all out of school, and we can do SK
>>activities all day, and lots of free time on our hands.

Umm, can we try to keep the replies more substantial than just one or two
words, please? (I strongly suggest you take a look at the SK list
guidelines, if you haven't already read them. If you didn't receive them,
they're available at "")

As far as the SK month goes, I'd suggest a sweeps month, such as February
or May (although it probably won't matter so much since there aren't any
new episodes being made, anyway).

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