Re: Season 2--re-evaluation

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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 22:26:50 -0500

>>Cry Turmoil also had a hint of this technic (sp?). Other
>>episodes, like Mutation City, had HORRIBLE animation,
>>especially with T-B and Razor.
>>Watch that scene in the obstacle course in Mutation City
>I think what's happened is that Mook's anime style has "leaked" into the
>animation and over-rode the style sheets. IMO, I like the action & story
>behind that scene and the animation isn't really _that_ bad -- just a little

>I think my favorite style is that from "Katastrophe" - it's probably my
>favorite story too.

Personally, I liked "Mutation City" a little better than the other eps
(actually, it's my favorite ep). I also enjoyed"Bright and Shiny Future". I
guess I liked Mook's animation (especially the early second season stuff) a
little better than the rest.

Melissa Anne
"This is Ann Phibian, hopping off"

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