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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:43:31 +0700

DJ wrote:
>>>episodes where Razor (my favorite character, surprise surprise)
>>>was drawn as a box.
>>In which episode does Razor look like a box?
>Mutation City, Unlikely Alloys, and parts of Caverns of Horror.

Well, I just saw "Mutation City" recently, and I have no problem watching
Razor. But then again, I wasn't looking for Razor at the time, I was busy
watc ... er, analyzing something else.

>I don't care to much for Ann Gora,

Well Ann is a vital part of the SwatKats universe, she is the SwatKats's PR
kat. But there is something strange about her, I don't know why, it just
feel strange. I also feel strange when ever someone has been cut of from an

>but Dr. Sinian is definitely my
>favorite character on the whole show,

I thought that Razor was your favorite character?

>so it was nice to see her out
>of that DAMN MINISKIRT to help me visualize for fanfics.

"Abby Sinian and the Temple of Doom." What do you think about this
particular title? :) Can you imagine her using a bullwhip? Heh. I think
that Jake can. ;)

>BTW, I'm not too fond of Cally either.
><DJ is now building a shelter to protect herself against raging Cally

Why are you building a shelter? and who is this "Cally" character?

>>>As for males, we saw some GREAT stuff in Razor's Edge with
>>Well, I haven't see Jake wear any other clothes on "Razor's Edge".
>>Of course unless you mean that "Razor Edge" reflect Razor's
>>character? Well, Razor's character always been reflected in
>>every SwatKats episodes.
>Oh sorry, by that point I had moved on to character analysis.

Oh, I misunderstood the message. I thought that you still mentioning clothes.

>No, I actually like Jake in those overalls, though they looked
>pretty bad in "Metal Urgency" for some reason. His hands got too big
>and his limbs too thick.

Oh, I understand now. You like on how Jake's appearance in "Razor's Edge".

>>>and T-Bone in Cry Turmoil.
>>Yeah, he look big on that Flight Commander uniform, he look sorta
>>like Feral but only much younger.
>If I had been talking about fashion statements still (I didn't make
>that too clear, did I?)

No, you don't. I thought that you were mentioning clothes, I thought that
you like Jake's outfit in "Razor's Edge" and T-Bone's uniform in "Cry

>I would have mentioned I hated that STUPID UNIFORM! IT

Well, Turmoil seem to like that uniform, and what girl that doesn't want to
see her kat in an uniform? After all, T-Bone look kinda cute in that

>Razor's comment, "What's with the
>outfit?" Was just SO appropriate.


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