Re: Season 2--re-evaluation

Date: Mon, 04 Mar 1996 16:19:13 EST

>>but Dr. Sinian is definitely my
>>favorite character on the whole show,

>I thought that Razor was your favorite character?

Razor is not my favorite character. Jake is much cooler.
I guess Jake and Abi are in a tie for first.

>so it was nice to see her out
>of that DAMN MINISKIRT to help me visualize for fanfics.

"Abby Sinian and the Temple of Doom." What do you think about this
particular title? :) Can you imagine her using a bullwhip? Heh. I
that Jake can. ;)

you are sick, man

>>BTW, I'm not too fond of Cally either.
>><DJ is now building a shelter to protect herself against raging

>Why are you building a shelter? and who is this "Cally" character?

The bitchy one with the high shrieks, "Oh save me from the evil bad
guy who wants to kill me!" <DJ is now piling her shelter with
she may be in there for days>

>>No, I actually like Jake in those overalls, though they looked
>>pretty bad in "Metal Urgency" for some reason. His hands got too
>>and his limbs too thick.

>Oh, I understand now. You like on how Jake's appearance in "Razor's

I like any episode where he wears overalls. They're pretty cool. His
ears were kinda big in that episode, though.

                              Dr. Jake

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