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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 13:51:26 +0700

DJ wrote:
>>so it was nice to see her out
>>of that DAMN MINISKIRT to help me visualize for fanfics.
>>"Abby Sinian and the Temple of Doom." What do you think about this
>>particular title? :) Can you imagine her using a bullwhip? Heh. I
>>think that Jake can. ;)
>you are sick, man

Well, I'm currently having a cough right now, how do you know that?

Well, I think that Sinian should be just like Indy, with some minor=
 adjustment of course. For one thing, she cann't wear Indy's clothes (I got=
 a lot of reason on why she cann't wear Indy's clothes.). The others is that=
 she cann't bring a gun just like Indy did (Not because that I think she=
 cann't use it, but I don't think that Abby is the type of person that will=
 use gun. Felina use a gun because she is an Enforcer, and the Enforcer use=
 a gun to help them enforce the law, although that the Enforcer always=
 revert to violence as a last resort to enforce the law.), I think that she=
 should use a pen or something like that. The whip is probaly the weapon=
 that is perfect for her if she was an adventurer just like Indy.

>>>BTW, I'm not too fond of Cally either.
>>><DJ is now building a shelter to protect herself against raging
>>>Cally fans>
>>Why are you building a shelter? and who is this "Cally" character?
>The bitchy one with the high shrieks, "Oh save me from the evil bad
>guy who wants to kill me!"

Well, from all the SWAT Kats episodes I watch, I never heard that particular=
 line before. Do you know in what episode this line was said?

But then again, I did hear that particular line before, but it's not in=
 english, and the line is a little bit different. But it certainly not in=
 one of SWAT Kats episodes that I ever watch before.

><DJ is now piling her shelter with
>supplies, she may be in there for days>

Well DJ, may I suggest more than a couple of days? and I think that you also=
 need a hydroponic farm, a fusion reactor, plus a fully operational life=
 support system in your shelter. And the shelter should be below the sea,=
 it's the safest place to be if a nuclear war is happening. But then again,=
 what will happen if Mutilor decided to re-edit "When Strikes Mutilor"?

>>Oh, I understand now. You like on how Jake's appearance in "Razor's
>I like any episode where he wears overalls. They're pretty cool. His
>ears were kinda big in that episode, though.

What is an "overalls"? are this is some sort of clothes?

> Dr. Jake

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