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Date: Mon, 04 Mar 1996 16:09:03 EST

>Lets talk about cancer shall we?

>Well, I'm a little bit confuse here, you mention that in your story
>die because of a cancer. Well, I don't know much about kats biology,
but I
>do know one thing about cats and cancer, they don't have them! For
>reason, cats seem to be immune of cancer. Of course cats and kats
>different, but I think that they still the same creature.

>> Dr. Jake

>Edo Andromedo

I'm in the process of reconsidering the angle Chance's death--cancer
or no.
Thanks for tellings me, though, so if I decide to kill 'im anyway I
not use that.

The original point of killing off Chance was quite simply to get him
of the way (Chance fans don't read this!). When I get into the
relationship, he starts crowding the place. You realize that
they're going to get married, and well gosh darnit, I certainly don't

think Abi can move in with them! I get Cally to take care of the
"bill" so
our guys can move out of the yard, which means Jake moves in with
Abi, but where does Chance go? An apartment alone? HAHAHAHAHA.
FUNNY. Uh uh. The easiest solution was to simply kill 'im, but I
I may have solved THAT problem in "Children of the Stone." Wait
and see.

                                      Dr. Jake

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