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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:43:17 +0700

>>As a result, I've occasionally wondered
>>if flea infestations/epidemics been a recurring problem in Megakat City.
>>(If not, it'd be an interesting plot device, at least.)
>Fleas are probably still a problem at times, though I find it difficult (but
>humorous) to picture Jake and Chance scratching behind thier ears with thier
>back feet the way my cats always did.

Nah, I don't think that they will use their back feet to scratch the itch
behind their ears, after all they do got their hands (front feet.) to do

Hmmm, I always wonder how do the kats act when it is mating season, they
probaly will act in the same way Lwaxana "ST:TNG" Troi act when she went
through some sort of Betazoid menopause.

BTW, how about a flu epidemic?

>We do know that kats have still have trouble with hairballs, Razor has
>coughed one up, and there has been at least one voice over commerical
>pushing the latest "miracle cure" .

"A year supllies of hairball elimanator." - Razor's Edge.

>You would think they would have licked
>that problem by now. :-)

Hmmm, flea collar. <An evil thought appear, having flashback of 'Return of
the Jedi', having flashback of Jabba the Hut, having flashback of what
happen of to Jabba the Hut, canceling that thought and decided to be good
to kats.>

> Max

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