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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:43:36 +0700

>>Cann't wait to read your story. :-)
>"Children of the Stone" is finished (somewhat officially),

Well my story is unofficialy finished, you see, the story is still in my
gray matter. And some stuff do break up when you translated it to a text
file, resulting an unpleasant story.

>but was
>not correctly recieved by B-Ko. I'll resend it Friday, but it may
>take him a while to put it up because he's been having problems
>with his server.

I cann't wait no more, I want to see it. NOW!

BTW DJ, how do you send the file to B-Ko? I thought that you cann't send
file attachment.

>Anyone else have any fanfic? Haven't seen anything new in a good
>2 months.

I have, but is it finished? Nope, it just floating there inside the
wasteland (The term I use for my 'my mind'.).

> Dr. Jake

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