Re: Season 2--re-evaluation

Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 20:31:41 EST

>>episodes where Razor (my favorite character, surprise surprise)
>>drawn as a box.

>In which episode does Razor look like a box?

Mutation City, Unlikely Alloys, and parts of Caverns of Horror.

>>Also, we saw some great stuff among female clothing--
>>both Cally and Abi had episodes where they weren't wearing slim
>>and business outfits. Cally had her own little car stunt in
Mutation City,
>>and Abi was brave enough in Deadly Pyramid. Oh yeah, and even Anne
>>got into pants.

>What is this? a fashion pageant? Oh yeah, back to the clothes. Dr.
>look great in "The Deadly Pyramid", and Ann seem to be a lot older
in the
>second season episodes (Which is BTW a good thing, since that she
look like
>a kitten in the first season episodes.).

I don't care to much for Ann Gora, but Dr. Sinian is definitely my
character on the whole show, so it was nice to see her out of that
MINISKIRT to help me visualize for fanfics.

BTW, I'm not too fond of Cally either.
<DJ is now building a shelter to protect herself against raging Cally

>> As for males, we saw some GREAT stuff in Razor's Edge with

>Well, I haven't see Jake wear any other clothes on "Razor's Edge".
>course unless you mean that "Razor Edge" reflect Razor's character?
>Razor's character always been reflected in every SwatKats episodes.

Oh sorry, by that point I had moved on to character analysis. No, I
like Jake in those overalls, though they looked pretty bad in "Metal
for some reason. His hands got too big and his limbs too thick.

>>and T-Bone in Cry Turmoil.

>Yeah, he look big on that Flight Commander uniform, he look sorta
>Feral but only much younger.

If I had been talking about fashion statements still (I didn't make
that too
clear, did I?) I would have mentioned I hated that STUPID UNIFORM!
SUCKED IT SUCKED IT SUCKED! Razor's comment, "What's with the
outfit?" Was just SO appropriate.

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