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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 03:05:01 +0700

DJ wrote:
>I while ago I made a comment that second season sucked, and
>I got spammed for it a bit. So, as soon as I got the time, I decided
>to go back and re-evaluate the season in a whole.

Glad to know that. :-)

>My last impressions
>weren't too good--the last I had seen of the series where the
>episodes where Razor (my favorite character, surprise surprise) was
>drawn as a box.

In which episode does Razor look like a box?

>Even David Doi, in my phone conversation with him, said
>those episodes simply weren't done well. So the season basically left a
>bad taste in my mouth.

Well, he was right in some cases.

>Also, seaQuest also sucked in its second season
>and I was kind of used to that first-season-was-cool-second-season-had-
>all-these-bad-scripts thing. Sorry.

It's all in your mind, fight it! it's only an illusion. Believe me,
something is only bad if you think that it's bad.

> I don't have time to go through ALL the episodes ONE by ONE, so
>here are my general comments:
> Again, a good range--this time similar to 1st season. We had
>TERRIFIC stuff like Razor's Edge (MY favorite of the season)

A good episode, of course I think that it wasn't necesary since that
Razor's character always been visible through out the whole episodes. But
that episode does answer a lot of things, and it also raises a lot of

>and Cry
>Turmoil, which I rate up with Metal Urgency and Katastrophe.

"Unlikely Alloys" was good too, but I don't know, it seem that something is
missing, something about MegaKat seem ain't feel right. Oh well, probaly
only just my feelings.

>of Dr. Viper was OK too, it was good for fanfics, but I suppose it could
>have been done better had it been given more time. On the other hand,
>Volcanus Eruptus and Unplugged, basically sucked--nothing but fight

I think that the SwatKats already mention the reason on why they have to
fight through out the whole episode. And I also think that in "Razor's
Edge", their reason on why they have to fly was mention too.

I liked "SwatKats Unplugged", it got a very amusing hangar scene, and it
also proves that you don't need to have a long scene to make something

>Mutation City was interesting, but again the animation was so
>unbearable I can't watch it that often.

Well, I will watch it often. But then again, I don't like organic things, I
think that my true purpose here is to replace all organic beings with
machines. <insert evil laughter here>

>We also had that mining plot,
>which was unfortunately a repeat of that cicadas episode.

I think that the mining plot episode that you were talking about is called
"Caverns of Horror".

BTW, It seem that we always have a villain (Or thing) attacking the city
thing or at least a villain (Or thing) attacking the SwatKats thing, how
about an accident that happen to MegaKat city? or at least the SwatKats
preventing an accident from ever happening?

> Felina Feral was the greatest thing to happen in season 2. Her
>character was awesome, getting away from that damsel-in-distress stuff
>we saw so much off in season 1.

I much prefer to use the saying "kitten-in-distress" (Or at least "kitten
in a tree that cann't come down.") than "damsel-in-distress", since that
cats (Or kats.) always get in trouble.

>Also, we saw some great stuff among female clothing--
>both Cally and Abi had episodes where they weren't wearing slim skirts
>and business outfits. Cally had her own little car stunt in Mutation City,
>and Abi was brave enough in Deadly Pyramid. Oh yeah, and even Anne Gora
>got into pants.

What is this? a fashion pageant? Oh yeah, back to the clothes. Dr.Sinian
look great in "The Deadly Pyramid", and Ann seem to be a lot older in the
second season episodes (Which is BTW a good thing, since that she look like
a kitten in the first season episodes.).

> As for males, we saw some GREAT stuff in Razor's Edge with Razor

Well, I haven't see Jake wear any other clothes on "Razor's Edge". Of
course unless you mean that "Razor Edge" reflect Razor's character? Well,
Razor's character always been reflected in every SwatKats episodes.

>and T-Bone in Cry Turmoil.

Yeah, he look big on that Flight Commander uniform, he look sorta like
Feral but only much younger.

BTW, I think I read somewhere in the Animato's article about "'Kats" that
in the original story of "Cry Turmoil", the one that was supposed to get
hitch with Turmoil is Commander Feral.

>Feral--well, I suppose he'll always be Feral,

Feral is Feral, he hate the SwatKats because they broke every rule that he know.

>and Manx'll always be Manx. I don't have any problem with that.

Manx is a mayor, mayor supposed to act that way. He will be kicked out the
mayor position if he doesn't act that way.

> Dr. Jake

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