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>>Do they got the tools to make a jet?
>They're mechanics. My dad isn't one, and he's got his own workshop. Besides,
>any tools they don't have, Jake can make :-).

If he got the parts to make one.

>>Besides, they will get arrested if
>>they take public property from the road (The scrap metal that was once
>>called jets and choppers.).
>Once Burke & Murray tow it, it goes to the salvage yard. Even if it is
>illegal (in the kat universe), the Enforcers are really gonna take their time
>to examine the salvage yard for missing metal.

Hmmm, I wonder what will happen if someone was send to the junkyard to
check it's contents.

>>I want to know how do they can take off from the hangar without somebody
>>noticing that a strange black craft always flying over the junkyard.
>If you ever notice, the hole where the Turbokat comes out of the hangar is
>surrounded by junk.

Yes, but once they leave the hangar and flying above the junkyard, someone
will notice it.

>>Hmmm, I wonder if Jake once build a Mole missile look alike
>>when he was a kitten.
>Here's a question. At what age would kittens be considered adult kats?

I think that once they enter their reproductive age, they can be consider
as adult kats. _If_ the kats use the cats system.

>cats are adults when they're less than a year old(I think). So, would kats
>use that system, or would the age be more around ours?

Humans interpret the terms "adult" differently.

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>anyone cares.)

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