Re: Cats and Kats.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 03:04:48 +0700

>>Yep. We also see three other kats drowning. They are: Chance, the TurboKat,
>>and Razor.
>I liked that scene, don't tell anyone, but I think I'm secretly a
>sympathetic romantic. Shhhhh! Forget I said that!!

Drowning is romantic???

>>Well, he's kitty litter now.
>Pun intended, I assume?

Sure! :-)

>>How about if I lock the cat (Or kats.) in a car and then push the car into
>>a liquid enviornment? will that will work too? Of course it will work! if
>>it work for us humans, I guess that it will work for cats (Or kats.).
>Do NOT hurt the cat, or your sister won't be the only one who'll never speak
>to you again!! I like cats! They're my favorite animals!!

Don't worry, I will never do that to cats (Or kats.), or to any other
living beings.

>>I have, do you want to see a picture of them? :-)
>Yeah! What are their names!! (them?)

Yes, "them". The are currently four cats living in my house.

Burkam. (With luck, he will be in one of my fanfic story.)
IP. (I told you that it has some meaning to me.)
Ici. (Yeah I know, strange name indeed.)
Utih. (A derivative from "Putih", which means white.)

>>BTW, "Joys"?
>If you don't like real cats, then why do you like the Swat Kats so much??

I like real cats (My grandmother and my aunt is a cat lover too.), that is
one of the reason I like SwatKats. But sometimes my cats do something that
could jeopardize their health on this house.

>I mean, even Courtney, a self-certified dog lover admits to liking certain
>types of cats. (With a 'c' and not a 'k', that is!!!)

Dogs are dogs, cats are cats, I think that is what make them so unique and

BTW Terra, what is the new title for "Early Dawn"? I got one that is
probaly will match to the story plot, how about "A Rose by any other

>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,

Ok, back to kats, does kats still chases thing?

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