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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 03:05:48 +0700

>> I don't have time to go through ALL the episodes ONE by ONE, so
>>here are my general comments:
>I have watched all the episodes except episode 24 (What's it's name?)

I think that there is 23 SWAT Kats episodes + 1 episode where Ann Gora
interview the SwatKats (S.K.I.Q.).

>have had time to evaluate and analyze the entire series from "Giant Bacteria
>to episode 23 (Dark Side of the SWAT Kats or Unlikly Alloys) so here are my
>comments for both seasons. These are just my ideas. Be free to make your own.

"Unlikely Alloys" was the last SWAT Kats episode to be drawn. "Turmoil II:
Revenge", "Doctors of Doom", "Curse of Kataluna" are the SWAT Kats episodes
that was never finished.

>Season one showed a refreshing change from terrable "foregrounds" (The
>moving gunk) and realistic backgrounds. Many scenes showed signs of two
>shades of color to represent shadows, while others lacked. (Hey, it's VERY
>difficult to draw like that!!)

I cann't draw, so any animation is fine with me. :-)

>Overall, the series was much more realistlc
>than any other H-B production.


>Season two displayed average anime style with below average backgrounds,
>excepting "Deadly Pyramid", which showed average anime throughout. Also
>showing many different styles, the second season generally had more action
>scenes and seemed generally at night, giving the animation a whole new style
>of it's own.

Hmmm, I always wanted to see the kats fighting in the rain.

>Season one had plots that were very develpoed. Many seemed to be solved by
>trial and error, chance and logic. Elemants that generally are more
>suspensfull, but other times, can drag on.
>Season two had plots less developed, but generally went quicker and more
>intense because the goals seemed to be in sight, but out of reach, so to speak.

I think that the first season episodes is dedicated on character building,
while the second season episodes is dedicated for action. Hmmm, I wonder
what will happen in the third season episodes.

>>If I think of anything more to say I'll send out another note.
>I don't have enough time to put down my entire analyses, and besides, it get
>tecnical. (and I don't like translating tecnical into English)

That's ok, I'll read your analyses, no matter how technical it is.

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