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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 03:05:59 +0700

>>We have always seen the Kats clothed, but is it acceptable in thier society
>>to not wear anything at all?
>I think that in the Kat's universe, a nude kat is the same as a nude human.

Of course unless Scaredy Kat is another species of kats.

>Jake and Razor are the same guy, tecnacly (however spelt) and T-Bone and
>Chance are the same guy, tecnacly.

Yes they are the same kat technicaly, but they are a different kat when
they have changes into the SwatKats.

>I have never understood exactly the Kat's transformation from, calm and
>assertave to steatly and aggressave.

It's like accelerating from 60 mph to 100 mph, things are the same, but
something is different.

>Oh well. I go from calm and passave to
>hyper and out of control if I don't get enough sleep.

People sometimes act strange when ever they didn't get enough sleep.

>>watching a cartoon with a nude Kat in it.(Before you
>>ask, I don't know which show it was from)
>I think it was either "Giant Bacteria", "Ghost pilot", or "The Wrath of Dark
>Kat". One of the three.

How about "The Metallikats"? Scaredy Kat was shown there too.

>>Now, nude Kats (or cats) are perfectly acceptable in cartoons in OUR world,
>Right (tounge roll on the "R"). Nude cats, yes, nude kats, no (I speak out
>of past trauma and excperiance)

Watching nude cats is excusable, since that we consider that cats are
animal here. Watching nude kats (Assuming that we talking about SWAT Kats's
"kats" here.) can mean two things, one : Is excusable just as long that
Scaredy Kat isn't too human-like (I forget the word, is it
"anthromorphic"?), two : Not something that is in a public TV, since that
if Scaredy Kat get too human-like and doesn't wear clothes, it will be a
nude kat that doesn't wear clothes and will censored out. And I think that
razor here once mention that someone is more human-like (Realistic.) on the
second season animation, can you imagine what will happen if that
particular character is naked?

Now a question, why does the Metallikats doesn't wear clothes? and why does
Rex Shard doesn't wear clothes when he was a crystal being.

>>but a cartoon with a nude human generally would not be. How does all this
>apply in to the Kats Universe?
>Same as our world. I'll have to review my tapes here (If this kat was a guy
>[and I think it is],

I think that Scaredy Kat is definetly a male.

>could this mean that the SWAT Kats are gay [UGH!

Hmmm, two guys living in the same roof.... Does Jake and Chance have any
other friends beside themself?

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