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>Edo> how is the Turbocat look like ?
>Hurm. I'll have to either get a picture the next time I'm in Hong
>Kong or ask my parents to send a copy over. It's kinda hard to

Where did you ride the Turbocat? I'm curious here. Since that I too was
once in Hong Kong, and have taken some water transportation.

>Konway Br)> Do they have an equivalent of Christmas?
>Do they even have winter? I've seen nary a flake come from the
>skies of MegaKat City.

Maybe MegaKat City is near the kat planet's Equator lines.

>Terra> What about other animals?
>There have also been mentions of raccoons. Also, snakes, frogs,
>and other reptiles have been seen on-screen, as well as cows and

How about Dolphins?

>chance> why put the Metallikats back together so many times?
>Huh? He put them back to together *once*. Then he wanted to
>reprogram them, but they destroyed the disks with the new

You couldn't program someone to do good, that is immoral (Not to mention
that isn't very nice thing to do.). I think that Hackle should put a
deactivating switch on the Metallikats, so that when ever the Metallikats
go out of control, he can turn off them off.

>chance> they perhaps wanted to have a female character take on
>chance> a more direct role in the action, but couldn't picture
>chance> Callie crawling through the muck on her elbows holding
>chance> a rocket launcher

How about picturing her carrying a decrystalizer ray gun?

>Well, being deputy mayor probably requires her to have some form
>of decorum, but she still manages to get in a few good shots
>every now and then.

I think that the reason on why she isn't using a rocket launcher is because
she isn't an Enforcer! that's why! (You need some training on using a
rocket launcher. Well, if you want to shot it in the right way.) Besides,
she doesn't have Commander Feral as her role model when she's just a little

>Like when she floors Dark Kat with a bag
>of money in the episode where *she* saves the SWAT Kats' fur.

Although that she can act tough if she want to. :-) I think that she will
act that way when ever the situation need her to do so.

>Dr. Jake> Jake almost runs him over with the truck (he's a lousy
>Dr. Jake> driver).
>Sorry, but I have to leap to the defense of my favorite kat (and
>apparently everyone else's. Br)

Razor is a good driver. But it seem that when ever he drives, everybody has
to stay away from the road.

>Jake may not pilot the TurboKat
>24/7, but he can handle everything all by his lonesome if need be.
>Like in Mutation City, when T-Bone mutates into a kat/frog hybrid,

I liked the fight scene between T-Bone and Razor when T-Bone is a mutated
kat. It's very cat like.

>Razor not only flies rings around a Godzilla-sized Dr. Viper, but
>manages to mix the two-component anti-mutagen, and saves the city.
>(There. I said it. I feel better. Br)


>Terra> Aren't calico cats s'posed to have many colored coats?
>Yup. And Manx cats aren't supposed to have tails.

I'm curious here, on what way do they put tail on the kats?

>Matt> He (Dr. Greenbox) kinda went off the deep-end near the end
>Matt> of that ep. and actually turned into a villian.

I think that Greenbox cares for Zed, and want to be near with Zed forever
(After all, Greenbox is Zed's father, and a father always loves his kid.).
Greenbox gives the information that Zed needs, just like what William
Decker did with V'ger at ST:TMP.

>Evil thought here folx (I have quite a few of them). What
>if Rex, in a later incarnation, teams up with the insane Dr.
>Greenbox? If anyone want to use this for a fanfic idea, feel
>free. I've got more ideas for fanfic than time to write.

The same goes for here, lots of idea, cann't write a single story.

BTW, Greenbox insane??? Nah, I think that he just the type of guy that
always screw things up.

>chance> We could've looked forward to yet _another_ revision had
>chance> a movie been pitched....
>chance> ...the Tremblays were contemplating animatronics and
>chance> Live-action a la TMNT!
>Eew. I'm going to have to throw my lot with those who thinks this
>would have been a "Bad Idea"(tm).

The same goes here.

BTW, about this human thing, should human be brought to the kat planet? And
if human do appear on SwatKats, is it going to be a cartoon human or a real
life human?

>And there is very little reason for it.
>Humans don't appear in the Kat Universe all that
>frequently, so the need for live-action is minimized.

Unless the SwatKats is katnapped by humans and taken to Earth. Then we
really gonna know that the SwatKats do live on another planet.

>Also, in
>the Animato episode guide, the person writing it said that the
>animation was almost feature quality, and Mook has experience
>in producing animated features. Of course, making a film to
>occupy an audience for ninety minutes is far different from
>making a 22 minute episode.

Why make a ninety minutes film? can we just start with 60 minutes first? I
think that the SwatKats first movie should start small first as a first
time movie.

>Ed> Of course this begs the question of why he dislikes the
>Ed> SWAT Kats _so_ much.
>Well, in the first season, he really let the guys have it.
>But for the most part, this was before the SWAT Kats started
>saving his life on a regular basis.

Of course he owe them nothing, and the SwatKats owe him nothing.

BTW, is Feral supposed to safe SwatKats's fur in the original "Cry Turmoil"?

>Also, he sees that Felina
>cares about them in the second season so he's not so quick
>to condemn.

He keep his opinion on the SwatKats to himself.

>And in the second season, he gets to zing the guys
>at least once. ("Actually, I was going to thank you, but I
>changed my mind." 'Revenge is mine!' sayeth the hologram! Br)

Well, of course since that he has change his mind, I guess that he still
hate them, I think that it gonna take more than Felina to convince him that
the SwatKats are really a nice guy.

BTW, I think that the reason on why he want to thank them, is because the
whole thing is already unstopable by the Enforcer, and Feral take any help
if the situation is really that uncontrolable by the Enforcer.

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