Dr. Abi Sinian

From: DJ CLAWSON <XXRJ13C_at_prodigy.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 13:37:28 EST

I thought I'd try and get a conversation started on her to see what
you guys think about her character. She's my favorite (next to Jake),

so I've been doing some watching off all the episodes I have that
feature her.
   She's never been mentioned in ANY fanfiction up, so I've been
wondering if I'm the only one who finds her to be an appealing
"Children onf the Stone" has a good amount (probably more than any
episode can boast), and it's seqeul is basically an Abi/Jake/Thoran
story (you don't know who he is yet. He gets introduced in the first
    Abi's awesome! Most of you know that I'm not such a big Cally
(my apologies to those who are). Abi's better for me because she
up for herself (sort of) and does something HELPFUL in almost every
scene she's in. I'm really upset that "Curse of Katuna" or whatever
was never made, because I heard she was in it.

                                   Dr. Jake

PS. If anyone with a good scanner could put up some Abi and Hackle
pics on the rat site (or their own) that would be great! Thanks!

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