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>I thought I'd try and get a conversation started on her to see what
>you guys think about her character. She's my favorite (next to Jake),

Hmmm, Jake and Sinian. Is this the reason why you match them both?

>so I've been doing some watching off all the episodes I have that
>feature her.
> She's never been mentioned in ANY fanfiction up,

Sinian is working for the museum, and most of us rarely use the museum for the fanfic stories.

>so I've been
>wondering if I'm the only one who finds her to be an appealing

Well DJ, you aren't the only one.

>"Children onf the Stone" has a good amount (probably more than any
>episode can boast), and it's seqeul is basically an Abi/Jake/Thoran
>story (you don't know who he is yet. He gets introduced in the first

I wanted to read it just as soon as it's avaiable for downloading at

> Abi's awesome! Most of you know that I'm not such a big Cally
>fan (my apologies to those who are). Abi's better for me because she
>stands up for herself (sort of) and does something HELPFUL in almost
>every scene she's in. I'm really upset that "Curse of Katuna" or whatever
>script was never made, because I heard she was in it.

Well, just because she is in that episode, that doesn't mean that the role that she got will be good. I always prefer to see her helping in the way of archaelogical terms, not in the supernatural departement.

> Dr. Jake

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