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>I would imagine the same way that they do in all the Hollywood fluff with
Michelle Pfeiffer
>and Kim Basinger. It just happens, and you aren't supposed to ask!

ACK! Don't start with Hollywood names!!!!! (My A.R. list is and has been
disscussing who should be who in TVL (The Vampire Lestat) movie if it ever
gets made, and right now I've had it up to *here* with big-time names. (You
would be surprised at who they think should be who in Hollywood. Fabio as
Nicki? Yeah right. Don't ask if you don't know.)

>At the moment I can't recall, but do we see any Kat-women driving other
than Ms.
>Briggs? I know Felina can fly a chopper (my kinda girl!), but I don't remember
>seeing her, or Ann, or Abby behind the wheel.

Well, in "The Giant Ci-Kat-A," there is a scene where Ann is driving the
KatsEye news van. It's right after the bug screams and makes Razor crash
into the wall. (Awwww, poor baby . . .) <G>

Oh yeah, and something I got from Courtney:
"If you wanna introduce someone to the series, do *not* show them "The Giant
Ci-Kat-A." (She tried with her friend Logan (girl) and she didn't like it
'cept for the jets. They both are really obessesed with jets. Sheesh. <G>

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