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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 11:46:53 -0600 (CST)

>Well, I'm not into vampires and that sorta thing, but I do think a lot of
the posibilities of a vampire living in MegaKat city.

Join the club!!

>I think that making your own character is a much better alternative, it
lets you to be more creative.

You actually *liked* my idea? Whoa . . . that's a new one.

>Just sign it, I want to see the name. :)

Okay, but it'll probably be a play-on off of Jake's name. <G>

>Well, if it's okay, I think that I like to join on this nickname thing too.

YEAH!!! COME JOIN THE INSANITY!!!!!! (Sorry . . . sugar buzz.) <VBG>

>Well, to take your own character is a very good way to get into the
character that you have created. Of course you also need to explain who is
your character and what position that he/she is in the SWAT Kats universe,
so that everybody will know who is he/she really are. I think that a story
is probaly the best way to do it.

Oh. Yeah. Thanks. <Insert a very confused expression here--hey, I just got
up thirty minutes ago!!>

>BTW Terra, I like R & R (your newest stories), that's probaly not what
happen to the guys, but I still like the story anyway (Except for one thing
that is near the end of the story.), I do have one question though, who is
Maxwell Clawson?

Thanks. (Someone actually liked it!!! Ohmigosh!! <G>)
Maxwell? Well, he was gonna be Jake's dad, but . . . I'm gonna write another
story <sigh> sorta like this one, but different, know what'm sayin'?
Anyway, probably any story we write of their childhood won't be right,
'cause we aren't the story writers for the series. <TS>

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