Re: Dr. Abi Sinian

Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 20:41:28 EST

>>Edo wrote:
>>>Hmmm, Jake and Sinian. Is this the reason why you match them both?

>>It's probably one of them. I also didn't feel like creating another

>>female character when Sinian's all alone.

>How about creating a friend for Sinian? I got a good name for that
friend, how about "Marsha"? ;)

Heh heh.
Naaaaah. I all ready got one. His name's Thoran, and if you check out
of the Stone" you'll see the relationship start. I develop it A LOT
in the sequel.

>>And as you'll see in "Children
>>of the Stone" and "Vurthuril" (the sequel),


Most people typically don't understand how things I write get titled
until I read
them. Don't worry about it. It'll get explained.

>>they kind of end up spending
>>A LOT of time together 'cause they're always in the museum.

>Oh, I see, so they kinda know each other more, right?


                                      Dr. Jake

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