Re: My crazy idea . . .

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 10:45:43 +0700

>>Of course in the Defiant RPG, the one that lead us (The Defiant Crew) is
>>Captain Bridges, now who is the one that are gonna lead us Kats?
>Details, details . . . Either somebody who knows what they're doing . . . or
>maybe I can do it, I'm not sure. <G>

I recommend that we choose chance, since that he always help a newbie when ever they are in trouble.

>><Edo is banging his head to wall for not proposing this idea sooner>
>Careful, we don't want you to do any serious damage to yourself. If you do,
>you can't help. <G&W>


>>Well Terra, I always follow you when ever you go.
>Oh . . . I feel so appreciated. <G>
><Terra is laughing . . . who knows how far we'll go?>

Yeah, who knows? <g>

>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist
>SWAT Kats lover

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