Re: teaser for a tale (name says it all)

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 21:41:51 -0800

>>Blah, blah, blah, just do [write] something!! Show you're loyalty! Have
your name immortalized
>>forever! And um...... I think I carried this to the extreme! I'll shut up
>>now! (no hard feelings!!!)
>Can't say I can do that (I might), but I can read them and give an honest
>critique. I do it all the time for Courtney! And yeah, as he said, no hard
>feelings. (I mean, we could always go on strike . . . write stories, but not
>post them, but give all these little half hints about them . . . <ELG>

<evil grin> Yeah. I've got freinds who are begging me to print out stuff
(that Grand Admiral Thrawn guy) and It's costing me lotz! I don't have to
take tome to post my works, here (Last minute resort)

>> Kally...... (Callie?!) Yes, Kally! I couldn't fit Callie, so I had
to go for the next best thing!
>> Joker......
>> Wimp.......
>> You are the ones to beat Giggas (EarthBound on the brain!)
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survived was to take the fate of the world into our


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