Re: Dr. Abi Sinian

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 16:44:12 EST

>>I thought I'd try and get a conversation started on her to see
>>you guys think about her character. She's my favorite (next to

>I like her. And Jake . . . don't we all love 'im?

Yeah. I supposed that's why I hooked 'em up together in the second
"Children of the Stone" (which really needs a title).

>> She's never been mentioned in ANY fanfiction up, so I've been
>>wondering if I'm the only one who finds her to be an appealing

>She's in my *REALLY* huge story I've got in my computer called
"Watchers at
>Midnight" I am trying to see if I can send it, but if I can't

Server problems? Send it to me! I've been having problems because
Prodigy won't let me, so I'm giving my files to my uncle, who as an
server and will put it up for me.
How long is it? How my KB? (just wondering)

>P.S. I don't remember how long ago this was, or if anyone else
>but one time A.J. made this suggestion about us um, how do I say
this . . .
>take the "role" of a character. (Like in the Sonic group on AOL.
They have a
>"Sonic" and a "Sally" etc. I replied and said I would rather do my
>character, and I think will. I'll add her name to my signature
sooner or
>later. If you don't like the name, don't say anything, okay? =) I
>we've got a "Razor" and "Chance" why not others, like he said? But I
>think I will take my own personal character.

Go ahead. In my Prodigy SK club, we all took names, but I'm the only
one that changed my actual ID name. Everyone else just signs their
in the club as that character. It's pretty funny, considering I used
to just
sign my notes Dr. Jake, but above the note it would flash my real
name. I
didn't think that was too cool, so I changed it under my membership.
my other mailing lists and clubs only know me as DJ Clawson; most of
think it's my real name, and if they know it's not they don't know
what it
means! I was at a seaQuest convention in Feb with a bunch of my
friends, and everyone called me "DJ" or "Dr. Jake" or even "Jake".
was awesome!

>Terra Chang:
                                 Dr. Jake

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