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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:02:54 -0600 (CST)

>I thought I'd try and get a conversation started on her to see what
>you guys think about her character. She's my favorite (next to Jake),

I like her. And Jake . . . don't we all love 'im?

>so I've been doing some watching off all the episodes I have that
>feature her.
> She's never been mentioned in ANY fanfiction up, so I've been
>wondering if I'm the only one who finds her to be an appealing

She's in my *REALLY* huge story I've got in my computer called "Watchers at
Midnight" I am trying to see if I can send it, but if I can't <sighs>

>"Children onf the Stone" has a good amount (probably more than any
>episode can boast), and it's seqeul is basically an Abi/Jake/Thoran
>story (you don't know who he is yet. He gets introduced in the first
> Abi's awesome! Most of you know that I'm not such a big Cally
>(my apologies to those who are). Abi's better for me because she
>up for herself (sort of) and does something HELPFUL in almost every
>scene she's in. I'm really upset that "Curse of Katuna" or whatever
>was never made, because I heard she was in it.

Well, I was dissapointed 'cause the story sounded cool. I am really into
vampires and that sorta thing. (But then, you guys know that already, I
think.) Whoa. Think about it. Feral actually having this "thing" for a
woman! Very scary thought. I don't mean to dis his character, but frankly, I
don't like him very much; and the idea of a bunch of little duplicates of
him running around Megakat City gives me nightmares. <G> (Oh, yeah, and it
was "Curse of Kataluna." Luna! Don't ask. ;)

> Dr. Jake

P.S. I don't remember how long ago this was, or if anyone else remembers,
but one time A.J. made this suggestion about us um, how do I say this . . .
take the "role" of a character. (Like in the Sonic group on AOL. They have a
"Sonic" and a "Sally" etc. I replied and said I would rather do my own
character, and I think will. I'll add her name to my signature sooner or
later. If you don't like the name, don't say anything, okay? =) I mean,
we've got a "Razor" and "Chance" why not others, like he said? But I still
think I will take my own personal character.
Anyone understand what I just said?
If there are, good. Explain it to me.

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