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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 00:05:00 -0200

        Hello, Edo. Hello, everybody:

>Well again, it's a democracy. I like that . In my opinion, the second
>season had better animation and , maybe, more action scenes.

 EA> I do like the second season animation (For as matter in fact, I think
 EA> that they are more realistic.), but somehow I like to see the kat a
 EA> little bit unrealistic, don't know why I like it that way. Beside, I
 EA> don't like to choose favorite, I think that everything has it
 EA> advantages and disadvantages.

        You're right! I dont't like to do it either. For me, I liked all
        the episodes.

        BTW, changing the matter. News from Brazil: People here releases at
        video rental stores tapes of SK episodes ("Mettalikats" and "Wrath
        of Dark Kat"). Here in Sao Paulo, "Mettalikats" is one of the most
        rent (or "rented" - I don't know which word is...) tapes. Clappings
        for Swat Kats.

        BTW again, sorry for the delays in my replies. I use the computer
        once a week because I work at another town. From march, I'll use
        this thing daily.

        Best Regards.
        Bruno Abud
        Radio Educadora AM/FM
        SK Brazilian fan.
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