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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 19:14:10 -0800

> You see... in Argentina (with more than 50% of houses with cable),
> there's a "Cartoon Network" magazine (I don't know if U.S. has too).
> And guess who is in the cover of that..... Yes, him: Razor.
> So, Argentina knows more SK than Brazil.

Eh, they're just trying to flatter Razor into helping them conquer the
Falklands (or Malvinas,
whichever you prefer) again. Someone probably got the long overdue idea to
the Pucara with a variation of Turbokat...heck, they'd probably even be
willing to grow tails if
it'd help.

"Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed
 antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters,
 through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in
 the winter of 1925. Endurance, Fidelity, Intelligence." -- "Balto"

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