Origin of Dark Kat (was: Humankind, Katkind, etc.)

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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 21:01:08 -0500 (EST)

>>But isn't Dark Kat a kat? Or is that a mask?

>Personally, I think he's a kat, mutated by the Akira project

This really makes me wish they'd done an "Origin of Dark Kat" similar to the
Elrod Purvis/Dr. Viper story. One thing is for sure, he is certainly
extrememly intelligent. It appears he has tons of engineering & physics
knowledge as well as a lot of money to build all his robots/aircraft/bombs,
etc. This leads to the question of where his HQ is and what kind of help he
has there. We know he has the creeplings working for him, but what kind of
technical help could they provide. He also had a bunch of ninjas working
for him in "Razor's Edge", and they had to come from _somewhere_. Hmm...

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