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>>You see... in Argentina (with more than 50% of houses with cable),
>>there's a "Cartoon Network" magazine (I don't know if U.S. has too).
>>And guess who is in the cover of that..... Yes, him: Razor.
>>So, Argentina knows more SK than Brazil.
>Hmm.. I don't think I've ever heard of a Cartoon Network Magazine here in
>the US. (I'm jealous now.)

Jealous? How do you think I feel? Uh..... Let's not get into that idea right

>From this, I would assume that TCN has offices
>in control of each territory in different countries rather than just one HQ
>in the states.

Ted fires employees for the fun of it. That's why TPS is so big today!

> I think the biggest promotion the Kats ever got here was when TCN ran the
>marathon with Randy "Macho Man" Savage (but then it wasn't
>even advertised on any other TPS station).

True! I've still got that on tape somewhere. In that marathon, he acted like
a dork.... and dressed even worse!! If he's the biggest SWAT Kat fan, I'm
Ted Turner (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! Perish the thought, yuck!!!!)

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