Re: The elimanation of humankind in the kat planet.

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>>>The nuclear war would explain the yellow & green sky,

But what then about the red and black sky at might? I've seen this in some
of the eps.

>>Or maybe the yellow & green sky is been caused by the composition of their
>>atmosphere (If they are in another planet.). Of course maybe it just the
>>way they ink the sky.

That's my guess. In my newwr fanfics, they even have a blue sun instead.

>To quote a certain Kat - "Bingo!". Yep, that's exactly it - it's just the
>way they
> ink the sky. Tremblays chose those colours for Megakat City's skyline way
>before the first episodes, and the earliest Kats art I have is a copy of the
>they used to pitch the series - complete with the "Giant Bacteria" about to
>devour the
>Turbokat - and set against the now familiar green/yellow hues of the

But would they have meant to have the SWAT Kats live on another planet from
the start? Dear lord, help me, I'm wacko!
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