Re: The elimanation of humankind in the kat planet.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 13:15:55 +0700

>> Here a few more name for the kat planet:
>Heh. I've been giving this some thought. (yeah, uh-oh!)

Don't worry, any Amiga fans thought is always welcome. :)

>What if Katkind were actually on Earth!?

Make sense. One problem though. I assume that over the centuries, we will
have an outpost in our solar system (If they only can build a new space
station now.), so maybe there are still humans out there. And if Dr. Sinian
dig far enough to the ground, maybe she'll find some ancient artifacts that
was made by humans.

>Several thousand years in the future (from our time). For example,
>human-kind is wiped out by a nuclear war in the future and cats
>evolve into Kats over the centuries.

Have you watched "Howard the Duck"? It tell about a Duck (From another
planet.) who has been transported to Earth. I will you tell more if you
want to.

>Those of you who are fans of the Planet of the Apes movies know what
>I'm talking about.

Only nuclear war isn't a very good subject right now ("Planet of the Apes"
was made before the cold war end.). But an asteroid crashing to our planet
is always a possibilities.

>The nuclear war would explain the yellow & green sky,

Or maybe the yellow & green sky is been caused by the composition of their
atmosphere (If they are in another planet.). Of course maybe it just the
way they ink the sky.

>why there is little other animal life &

Well, if a nuclear war happen did happen (Or other major catastrophe that
has hit Earth.), I think that all lifeform will restart again. Sorta like a
reboot on life.

>how the kats can always handle a reactor breach so easily.

Well, I don't know on how a past nuclear war and a reactor breach can be
connected, please explain the connection.

Here are my suggestion instead of a nuclear war:

Or could it be that we humans will perish just like the dinosaur (Cause is
still unknown.)? Or is it that humans were been attacked by other aliens
and destroying all humans in the process (By deploying anti-matter missiles
to our planet. Or even worse! Bio-warfare missiles 'This thing could
destroy all life on the planet and make the planet unliveable for thousands
of years'.).

And if humans were to come to the kat planet (Probaly descendant of an
earlier explorer.), they may have forgoten that this were their homeworld.

BTW, if the Aquians were supposed to be human (Before they turn into cat
aliens.), maybe their original mission is to search for water in another
planet (I already give the plot on this list.). But when they comeback
(Empty handed.), a goldfish intercept them and take over their ship.

>Just some speculation!

Of course since that the series was dedicated for kids (Even the big one.
:)), so I don't think that a Dark and Gloomy future will be mention in the

BTW, I always wondering, is the kat planet is in the same galaxy as our planet?

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