Re: The elimanation of humankind in the kat planet.

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>Don't worry, any Amiga fans thought is always welcome. :)

WAH! My beloved cartoon has gone the way of my beloved computer!!

>Make sense. One problem though. I assume that over the centuries, we will
>have an outpost in our solar system (If they only can build a new space
>station now.), so maybe there are still humans out there. And if Dr. Sinian
>dig far enough to the ground, maybe she'll find some ancient artifacts that
>was made by humans.

Hmm.. (more ideas forming)
Perhaps we have to abandon the planet because of a virus that attacks only
humans - everything else gets left behind. Of course, katkind would see all
the cities & stuff that's left over.

>Have you watched "Howard the Duck"?

Er, yes. Unfortunately I have seen "Howard the Duck".. (Two claws down!)

>>why there is little other animal life &
>Well, if a nuclear war happen did happen (Or other major catastrophe that
>has hit Earth.), I think that all lifeform will restart again. Sorta like a
>reboot on life.

I was thinking about this and the animal life that we have seen or heard
before. I know that Jake has mentioned a fox and racoon, and we've seen
other animals (cow, fish, etc.). What would the chances be that the _exact_
same animals end up on a completely different planet?

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