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>Cool! can you draw them (Or at least grab a picture of them from the
>series.) for me? I want to see them.

If I have some free time this weekend, I'll grab a frame of video.

>Robot Jocks. I think I was once saw a movie in the title "Robot Jox", are
>this is the same thing?


>BTW, I heard that there is supposed to big robot fight at the end of
>"Unlikely Alloys", is this true?

Sort of. "Zed", which is Dr. Greenbox's fix-it robot, is corrupted by the
Metallikats programming & begins to attach pieces of tanks, choppers, etc.
to itself & becomes a giant robot. Dr. Greenbox "merges" with his creation
& becomes evil. Zed is actually destroyed from the inside by T-Bone.

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