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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 09:41:46 -0800

>> I think the biggest promotion the Kats ever got here was when TCN ran the
>>marathon with Randy "Macho Man" Savage (but then it wasn't
>>even advertised on any other TPS station).
>True! I've still got that on tape somewhere. In that marathon, he acted like
>a dork.... and dressed even worse!! If he's the biggest SWAT Kat fan, I'm
>Ted Turner (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! Perish the thought, yuck!!!!)

When we used to get TBS on the 'free preview' type things, I found that most
of the
advertising on it was cross-promotion for other Turner properties like TCN,
TNT and
the abominable WCW. That promotion for Kats on TCN was unforgivable...they
have done worse if they designed it that way. It's the same story since day
one with the Kats,
as the "Macho Man" (and he does need the "Macho" label - it wouldn't have
been my first
guess) bumpers could've been used to push the toys, the videos that had just
been released,
and so on. From what I've read here over the last year and other Katfans
I've talked to, the
average Katfan could only care less about WCW after considerable surgery.
Someone at
H-B (prior to the July "SwatKats Month" thing) gave the impression that
something very
different was intended for the promo, but it got kind of "altered" in
Atlanta for some reason
or other. It's usually a cost-savings thing with the Atlanta-Hill-Mob -
they just didn't have
faith in the product because they didn't know anything _about_ the product.

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