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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 00:05:00 -0200

        Hello, Furlong. Hello, everyone:

 Ch> "The Deadly Pyramid" showed yet another set of models for the guys.
 Ch> T-Bone nev er looked better,
 Ch> but I still dislike the Razor art from that ep as being not quite one
 Ch> extreme o r ther other, yet not
 Ch> really a good compromise either. We could've looked forward to yet
 Ch> _another_ r evision had
 Ch> a movie been pitched....

        I disliked Razor's drawings during the scene when the robot was
        presented to the SK (at the beginning of episode). I thought that
        were a big helmet for a small face, and the traces of Razor's mouth
        were so extended. Despite that, I liked very much his reactions
        when he hold robot's hand.

        Best regards!
        Bruno Abud
        Radio Educadora Am/FM
        SK Brazilian fan

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