Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 11:38:58 EST

I just watched some of my SWAT Kat tapes for my fanfic and I
noticed this:
   1. The animation for the first season was OK, better than
most cartoons.
   2. The animation for the second season sucked.

   What makes me wonder is three episodes featured REALLY
good animation, close to Japan Anime. "Night of the Dark Kat,"
"Metal Urgency," and "Katastrophe," all had something the others
didn't. They had shading, smooth colors, andthe characters
were almost never bubbly or out of preportion (in other words,
T-Bone's face didn't go everywhere when he talked). I wonder WHY
this episodes were SO good and the rest weren't (OK, the Pastmaster
Always Rings Twice was a runner up). These three also, in my
opinion, had the best and most involved plots. I also think most
of second season sucked simply for it's plots (Volcanus Eruptus,
and all the others that JUST featured fight scenes). Is it possible
a different team of animators and writers worked on those three?

                                Dr. Jake

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