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From: chance <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 21:42:02 -0800

>>Sorry, this may be a silly question, but where does Netscape come into it?
>>Surely having e-mail is enough to join the list? Anyway, I don't know about
>>anyone else, but any Kat fan should surely be welcome, e-mail or not!
>The thing is, her e-mail is BUST!!! (that could be a problem, now WOULDN'T it???
>anyway, she wants to join the NEWSGROUP as well. (and send stuff to rat, and
>look at the pwetty pictures and so on and so on and so on....)

AAAAARRRGGGHHH! <scream of frustration...friendly-like>

E-mail me, e-mail Rat, e-mail SOMEONE to ask these questions - but not
sixty-seven someones! Drop me a line in mail and we'll try and sort out her

I might as well use this for an added administrative type note. For the lurkers
who may have long since forgotten how to send posts to the list, please save
the following on your hard-drive, piece of paper, stone tablet, whatever:

Where you normally write the address of the person you write to, put ""
beside the "To:" instead. The "Subject" can be anything (on-topic!) you like, as
can the body of the message. Anything Kats-related is fair game, and certain
digressions concerning H-B/Turner (probably because I'm responsible for most
of 'em) where they relate to Kats etc will be tolerated until someone says "uncle"
(Felina says "Uncle", hmmm.....).

I think Christian Tremblay's been trying to call me (so I'm told), and I think it's
to tell me that he hasn't received a ton of entries yet. I know some of us missed
the post the first time around and/or live in far-off lands, so I'm going to try and
get him to postpone the draw until the fifth or so - just so the stragglers can make
it into the bag for a shot at it as well. He'll likely tell me who the winner is, and
unless I've been expressly told not to post it, I'll let everyone know.

Later. (Oh, BTW - don't start a round-table on this, but if you want to check
            out a great flick, don't miss "Toy Story". Damn fine.)
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