Re: Comm. Ulysses (??) Feral

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 00:05:00 -0200


>Sorry, but, I didn't noticed that Comm. Ferral's first name is
>Ulysses. How did you discover? I'm curious as a cat!!

 EA> Somebody here said that Comm.Feral name was reveal as Ulysses in
 EA> "Unlikely Alloys". I think that name is also been used by a space probe
 EA> that was send to observe the sun polar caps (In our Earth history of
 EA> course.;)), something that Jake and Chance like to see if he (Feral)
 EA> really can be the fastest kat alive. ;)

        Kats' alive!! It would be very interesting.
        BTW, I watched the episode. The brazilian version, in portuguese,
        omitted the name Ulysses, calling him only "Comandante Feral".


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