Re: Comm. Ulysses (??) Feral

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:27:50 +0700

>>Sorry, but, I didn't noticed that Comm. Ferral's first name is
>>Ulysses. How did you discover? I'm curious as a cat!!
>EA>I think that name is also been used by a space probe that was
>EA>send to observe the sun polar caps (In our Earth history of
>Kats' alive!! It would be very interesting.

I think that an alternate name (To me of course, this is really my
opinion.) for Feral's first name is either "Phobos" or "Deimos", which is
BTW is the name for the moons of Mars.

BTW, I think that the probe speed is about 150.000 km/hour, that sure is
the fastest manmade object.

>BTW, I watched the episode. The brazilian version, in portuguese,
>omitted the name Ulysses, calling him only "Comandante Feral".

Things change when they translate something, and I hated when this happen.
Do you know that almost all cartoon series here is been dub? fortunately
some TV stations here have enough sense to put a bilingual shows.

>Bruno Abud

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