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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:27:54 +0700

>Hello, Edo. Hello, everybody:

Hello Bruno. :-)

>EA>Beside, I don't like to choose favorite, I think that everything has
>EA>it advantages and disadvantages.
>You're right! I don't like to do it either. For me, I liked all
>the episodes.

Some episode is great on the plot side, some is great on the animation
side, some show the character personalities, some just make the audience
goes crazy (Well, if they only try to understand the plot.), but most of
all, they're all great. I like all of them. Each episode has it's own

>BTW, changing the matter. News from Brazil: People here releases at
>video rental stores tapes of SK episodes ("Metalikats" and "Wrath
>of Dark Kat"). Here in Sao Paulo, "Metalikats" is one of the most
>rent tapes. Clappings for Swat Kats.

I love "The Metallikats" episode, it is the first SwatKats episode that I
saw. That episode teaches a lot, like: gravity, electronics, robotics,
hydrodynamics, office politics, etc.

>Best Regards.
>Bruno Abud

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