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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 07:17:30 -0800

> BTW, changing the matter. News from Brazil: People here releases at
> video rental stores tapes of SK episodes ("Mettalikats" and "Wrath
> of Dark Kat"). Here in Sao Paulo, "Mettalikats" is one of the most
> rent (or "rented" - I don't know which word is...) tapes. Clappings
> for Swat Kats.

Just for the sake of curiousity and the education of certain folks who thought advertising
the Katvids would be a waste of cash, did Brazil have any advanced press on the Kat
videos in either the papers or on TV? I know that TCN did something half-hearted in the
US, but aside from the one mention here - nada, zip, zero - nobody here knew they were
even out.

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