Re: A name for the kat planet.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:26:58 +0700

>>Charon - I still think that this is a good name.
>Charon - The name of Pluto's moon

Of course I know it is a name for Pluto's moon (Or is it a sister planet?
because Charon size is only half of Pluto.). I also suggest that name to DJ
fanfic story.

Hmmm, Pluto is also the name of Mickey Mouse's dog, so maybe this can be
corelate to cat. Cat and Dog.

>Gaia - Ugh! Too reminscent of Cpt. Planet! <ack!>

Ok, that is the second name that I can think of next to "Terra".

>How 'bout Megaluna (for you classic sci-fi fans!)

Well, it got "Mega" and it got " Luna", it's fine with me. :-)

BTW, I always wonder, does the word "Enforcer" and "Mega" got something in

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