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        Hello, Furlong. Hello, everyone:

 Ch> Just for the sake of curiousity and the education of certain folks who
 Ch> thought advertising
 Ch> the Katvids would be a waste of cash, did Brazil have any advanced
 Ch> press on the Kat
 Ch> videos in either the papers or on TV? I know that TCN did something
 Ch> half-heart ed in the
 Ch> US, but aside from the one mention here - nada, zip, zero - nobody
 Ch> here knew th ey were
 Ch> even out.

        Here, only in the papers, at Video Releases section, but without
        a large report. It's always the image of the box, the technical
        information (name, duration, year, distribuition...) and a quick
        story about the episode.
        But, no TV ad about this.
        BTW, unfortunately, the majority of people here doesn't know what is
        SWAT KATS. Less than 0,4% of all brazilian has cable TV, and Gazeta
        TV Network (which shows SK adventures) has the coutry's lower audien-
        ce. It's a pity. Wasted agreat oportunity to lauch SK into enjoyment
        of people here.

        You see... in Argentina (with more than 50% of houses with cable),
        there's a "Cartoon Network" magazine (I don't know if U.S. has too).
        And guess who is in the cover of that..... Yes, him: Razor.
        So, Argentina knows more SK than Brazil.

        Aquele abraco.
        Bruno Abud
        Brazilian SK fan.
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