Cold Deceptions

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 15:25:40 +0200

Okay, here my attempt at a Sonic story.. If you feel like flaming me.. go=
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Hiya all! Another Sonic story! [JOY!] Though I would like to say that from
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    #) Alter the storyline from there on.
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    #) Have any mega-depressing parts. [That force me to meditate!]
    #) Have any ninja's. [PHEWW!]
    #) Exceed 80 Chars on the X-axis. [Ahahahha!]

Though personally I prefer my "RL10-Tortured Freedom" Story to this.



                     "Cold Deceptions" By Simon Howes

Robotnik grinned evily as he saw the blue blaze on his monitor heading for
the factory, yes, the hedgehog was right on time. It seemed to him
that the freedom fighters never missed a chance to strike, and today it=
be to his advantage.

A week previously a freedom fighter doomed for the robotocizer had=
escaped, and in his departure taken a CD containing important information
concerning the plastic factory.
At the time the overlord had nearly exploded with rage, but just before he
could reach his critical point, his android had stopped him with some more
of his digital ingenius.

As a result of this, the factory had now been reconfigured, and though from
the outside it could still be seen spewing out smoke like it always had,
on the inside there were some drastic modifications in production. For one
thing, the casting machines had been replaced with squadrons of swat-bots,
the security had taken a swing for the increase. There were at least a
hundred and fifty laser turrets, and to crown it all, the central fluid
conduit--the weakest area, the area where a single charge of explosive could
take the whole factory up from, had been removed and replaced with a
welcoming team.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -=
 - -

Princess Sally looked nervously at her communicator, waiting for a reply
from Sonic. Time seemed to drag on eternally, until finally it popped with
Sonic's voice.

"Okay Sal, I'm there, nothing seems to be hapnin', I'm going in!"
She paused for a moment, "Okay, but be carefull!"

With that the connection seized, and she was left alone again, lost in the
evening-light of a former capitol city. Light that once would have been
safe to walk in, light that was now dominated by cold-metallic-evil and

She found herself staring into the heart of the city where the factory was,
past the broken and war-torn buildings, past the dumps of a former garden
city. Her soul cried out wanting to be with him, voices inside her told her
that something wasn't right.
She hesitated, in the sky she could see a hover-unit heading for the=
"Sonic!" she screamed over the radio, "it's a trap, get out of there!"

She never heard his reply, as a cold-robotic hand savagely hoisted her up=
behind. In the process her communicator fell to the ground and crumbled as
the robot stepped on it.

The machine carried her for a few blocks before coming to a hover unit, it
then stood idly in front of a swat-bot for about half a minute, seemingly
transferring data or awaiting orders.
Eventually the unit reacted, fetching a restrainer out of the hover-unit
and latching it over her--pinning her arms firmly to her side. The swat-bot
then took custody of her and headed the hover-unit for the Robotropolis
command centre.


Inside, another swat-bot took her up to Robotnik's control room, the droid
stopped at the doorway, giving her a moment to witness Robotniks fury.

He continued on, apparently not aware of her presence, yelling, slamming his
hands on control panels, screaming curses on hedgehogs. Tried to pull his
hair, but found out that he didn't have any.
"Damn you hedgehog! Damn YOU!! One day you will be mine! You and all your
little friends! One day! ONE DAY! ONE DAAAYY!!"
With that he swung around ready to strike the nearest thing, when an image
terminated his task in mid-action.

His facial expressions morphed from those of despair, anguish, frustration
and anger to an alarming grin.
"Well.. well.." he clasped his hands together, "what have we here?"
The princess struggled.
He smiled even more, "there is no need to resist, you cannot escape.."
"You'll never get away with this!"

Packbell came to the door that moment, and shared in his makers amusement,
and added to the chat. "So is that where they get the expression from?"
Again Robotnik chuckled, then pointing to the restrainer with a motion,
the swat-bot handed her to Packbell, who removed the device and continued
to hold her firmly.
With another motion, the swat-bots left the room. The door hissed shut.

The overlord faced away, paced the room for a moment, then came back to face
the princess up close.
"If there was one wish that I could have, I would wish I could let you and
your friends all see each other suffer.. but.. however.. it seems that,
you alone will have to do for now..."
He grinned evily immersing Sally in bad breath, masquerading the versatility
of the 'Mobian-common-cold' to polymorph across species.

Packbell headed for the door, it would be good to robotocize this trouble
maker and get her out of the way for good he thought to himself.
A digital flicker from what manifested as his sub-concious mind stopped him
in his tracks. He turned to face Ivo, satisfaction in his voice, "perhaps
there is a way.. perhaps there is.."
"What?" Robotnik stared confused.
"Perhaps before we robotocize this.." he lifted the squirrel slightly, "I
could have a private word with you.."


Sonic arrived back at Knothole, to have his frantic questions answered by
even more frantic questions.
No one had seen her!

He quivered, they had her! They HAD HER! THEY HAD HER!

All at once he found himself racing forward towards Robotropolis, but in
his state of being governed by anger and fear, and loss of energy from
his escape, bad perception resulted in him colliding into a tree not
meters away from Bunny.

When she got to him, he was out cold.

                                The Next Morning

Princess Sally's heart went static as the glass cylinder closed over her,
shielding Robotnik from her comments, locking her in with her thoughts. This
was the end she thought to herself between the humming pulses of the
machine, she felt faint..

Outside a swat-bot held a camera, catching every moment of
Robotniks glory. Ivo spoke to the camera for a long time, pointing to her,
pointing at the machinery, the cylinder, and then finally clutching his
Robotic arm.

Packbell pressed a button; the humming inside the glass cylinder siezed;
was replaced by a yellow beam engulfing the young princess's vision.
All at once a thousand thoughts overflowed her mind, fear, pain, struggling,
futility and chaos. A cold chill ran down her spine, her head felt mildy=

The chaos caused her to become intolerably dizzy.
She fell towards the floor, striking her head on the glass side as she went.
Everything began to fade.

In the next few moments of percepted twilight the beam stopped; the glass
raised; and Robotnik loomed over her laughing.

Laughing that resonated in her mind as she passed into the dark world.


Large tears ran down Sonic's face as he looked out to the sunrise, Bookshire
tried the best he could to comfort his friend, but failed to succeed, even
he could feel the pain, the loss. Princess Sally always did the comforting,
and now, she.. she was gone. The only thing left was her memory, he could
see her now, sitting on the wall they were on, comforting him about the
loss of Sidney.

The pain inside him boiled, but no tears ever rolled down his face. He took
a deep breath, causing his lungs to tingle. "Sonic, there is nothing you
could have done.. she .. was a fighter.. till the end.. she .. warned.."
He stopped just as his voice began to waver; dropped his eyes to the
green foliage below.

Suddenly Bunny came running up towards them, holding something shiny in her
hand. "Books!" she yelled as she came close enough for him to realise that
it was a CD, "ah rohbot gayve this to muh, sayd we should vyuu it..."
With that the three energetically headed to his hut, where he slid the shiny
mysterious disk into his computer.

He scanned it, there was a single file on it.
"A stereo-video file" he thought to himself, "..holographic video",
he plugged a silvery plate to his computer.

He looked back at them, they had been joined by Antoine, Rotor and Tails.
He squeezed a smile, "Okay, here it is.."
He loaded Autotech Play and selected the file.

An image formed between the two plates, it was Robotnik.
He smiled, "Hello my dear freedom fighters, this is my first home-video
release, so I intend to make it a good one. I call this movie 'Victory'."
The camera panned out, showing Sally in the Robotocizer.

There was a chord of worry from the band.

"You see" he pointed at the bulky machine, "this is a robotocizer, it
optimizes flesh. That over there is our experienced operator, Mr Packbell.
He makes sure that your process is as efficient as possible."
He clutched his robotocized arm, "you hedgehog have already given me a
demonstration of it, now it is my turn!"

Packbell pressed the switch.

"Aunt Sally?" Bunnie grabbed Tails, hugging him tightly; Rotor made sickly
noises and left the room; Antoine fainted; Bookshire looked down;
Sonic just stared on, hypnotized.

He saw her flesh turning to metal, her eyes filled with fear--turning red,
he choked, sorrow collapsing his heart. Before the conversion was complete
however, the video cut to another scene.

It was the new-Sally, coldly killing freedom fighters with a laser rifle.
One after another she shot them down, even a cub, with no hesitation for
emotions. Tails made a whimpering noise as Bunnie lifted him away, cradling
the crying fox him in her arms.

Bookshire never saw the end of the clip, as Sonic aggresively drove his fist
through the holographic projector. Normally the raccoon would have been
angry, but in this instance he felt slightly relieved that he'd been saved
from enduring the rest of Robotnik's poison.

Sonic ran out of the room, Bookshire staggered behind him.
"Where are you going?"
"To Robotropolis!"
Bookshire was shocked, "It's too late! Don't Sonic, please! DON'T!"
But he was already gone.


The first thing Princess Sally did after she opened her eyes was to try and
raise her hand into her immediate field of vision. Something however
stopped her, so instead she rotated her head.

What she saw scared her more than she had expected, for her hand was NOT
robotic! Nor were her arms. She tried to sit up to see the rest of her body
but something stopped her. It took a few moments of reasoning for her to
realise that she was strapped to a.. a.. bed?

There was a laugh from somewhere out of her vision, a laugh like the one she
heard before she was ..<robotocized?> Robotnik lurked over her, grinning
evily. "My dear princess, about now you are wondering what I did to you?"
Sally didn't say anything, she DIDN'T want to know.

Robotnik called to his nephew, there was a short reply, and then a hovering
screen drifted over to above her. On it it was a still image of her in
the glass cylinder. The overlord laughed, "thanks to technology designed
a few hundred years ago, we are able to bring you, in full 3d, your *own*

The video started up, showing the beam engulfing and changing her. She
looked at her hand again for reassurance.. As a result of this, Robotnik
burst into long uncontrollable laughs, then shouting to his nephew
again the video stopped and the image returned to the still of her before
the process.

"Now, my dear princess, watch carefully!"
The video started again, this time however, the beam just glowed around her,
yet did nothing. At the end she was treated to the sight of herself=

Ivo spoke evily, "Video Raster SE100, by Creative Fabs and Autotech
Reanimator, and you're ready to make your own videos!"
"You'll never get away with this!"
"Don't tell me you don't like it, it took my assistant three hours to edit
all the frames! You know, little critics like you get robotocized, but,
that comes later.. right now, I'd like you to watch my next release."

The screen went blank for a moment, until finally another video came on,
it was her! And in the video she was killing freedom fighters left, right
and centre. Then finally it came to a part where she waved at the camera,
"Hello Sally my dear princess, I'd like you to appreciate the phong
rendering capabilities of 4D Studio from Autotech. You see, what we do,
is digitise a mesh of you, import you, and we are ready to go.."
Sally opened her mouth in awe, the voice seemed similar enough to how she
heard it when it was played back to her from NICOLE's DA/AD converters.

Robotnik laughed, "now, after you've finished admiring yourself, there is
something just.. wonderfull.. that I'd like you to see."
"I don't want to see it!"
"Good, I like it when people resist!"
With that Packbell appeared out of thin-air, undid the straps and held her
so she could get a view of the ground.

Robotnik held a small box, then pushing some switches on it, a hologram of
her appeared.. though unlike normal holograms, this one was far more stable.
In fact, it looked exactly like her. Across the room Snively had several
devices of VR gear strapped to him, he danced around--the Sally hologram did
the same... he spoke, and in Sally's voice the hologram seemed to do the

The android lifted her over to Robotniks face, he smiled, "You see, with
four speakers, we can get perfect directional sound. Now, what you are
probably wondering.. is what am *I* going to do now?"
Sally didn't reply, so Ivo continued.
"The home-video you watched just now was posted to your friends, all of it
except that very personal greeting message though.. well.. now all your.."

Packbell clamped his hand over her mouth, and Robotnik continued.
"All your friends have got upset, right now, the only thing on their little
minds is your avengence.. And when they try, they will be amazed to
see you are still a .. fox.. squirrel.. whatever you are.. only you'll be
on *MY* side!" he motioned the holographic projector.

Robotnik smiled, "Packbell my boy, let our friend have her beauty sleep.."=

With that the android rapidly changed his grip, causing the princess to
pass out.

- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - =

Sonic charged into the heart of Robotropolis, searching for something to
destroy, frantically tracking for a target, like a predator. Anger ruled in
him now, and for vengeance he would die--he didn't want to live anymore

He headed for Robotnik's control structure, at his top speed, 350Kph, all
he could do without a power-ring. Suddenly he stopped--something caught
his eye.

Was his mind playing tricks on him? He looked again, Sally was standing
in front of the door. "Sal?" he asked stunned.
"Sonic" she whined, "please leave, if I move they're going to drop a ton
of bricks on me from up there!"
The hedgehog hesitated, there was something in her voice that he was not
familiar with, it wasn't fear... her voice seemed oddly calm and collected,
as if though she had accepted her fate.

He looked to the top of the building, a brick would take at least fifteen
seconds to fall that high. He looked at her again, "Sal? Are you okay?"
Her eyes seemed to stare through him, then she began, "It's the side effects
of the de-robotocizer, it seems to give an odd feeling of euphoria, while
the body is left disorientated for a short duration..."

Sonic looked at her strangely, she was right, he'd never heard her talk like
that before, it was almost robotic--which could have been a side-effect.
He looked to the top of the building again, "Okay Sal, I'm going to grab=
are ya ready?"
"Certainly Sonic.. Am I not always ready?"
"Uuuh sure..Sal Okay?"

He raced forward, grabbing her hand, but something odd happened, his hand
went straight through hers. He tried again--the same result.
"Wait just a Sonic sec.." he began, when abruptly two probes burried
themselves in his skin. Just as he noticed the wires to them, a high voltage
seared through him, knocking him out cold.


When he awakened he was in a glass cylinder, outside Robotnik was filming
his next home-video. After a lot more mumbling, Packbell threw a switch,
Sonic was immersed in yellow light.

He just stood there, waiting for the worst, but nothing happened. The
cylinder raised, and after he surveyed his body, he smiled, "Our special
guest star for today.. Sonic the HEDGEHOG!"

But Robotnik didn't seem bothered that his machine hadn't had the desired
results, instead he just smiled. "If I was going to robotocize you, don't
you think I would have succeeded at it?"
"Then what..?"

Robotnik smiled, "Well, you see, I just did something better.." He pressed
a button on a remote and the hover-screen began displaying a picture of
Sally. She was rolling around on the floor in agony, "No please don't make
me fade! PLEASE! PLEASE! NOOOO!" With that she lost her opacity.

Robotnik chuckled, "I can see right through her now! And soon you too will
fade completely from existance!"
Sonic was puzzled,"But why would she lead me into a trap?"
"Because" grinned Robotnik, "I offered her a trade, her existance for=

Sonic was bewildered, but in a moment of gripping the situation, he had
gripped something else -- Robotniks throat. Tilting his body
horizontally, he pressed his splines up against the overlords exposed neck.

Ivo choked, "Packbell!" The android just stood at a distance however, "I do
not have sufficient time to reach you from here."
Something body temprature
began rolling down the human's neck, he frantically tried to plan an escape.
"Wait rodent, if you kill me, you can say goodbye to your girlfriend!"
Sonic smoothly replied, "too bad, I don't like her anymore!"
Robotnik wheezed, "wait.. I .. lied, it was just a trick.. PACKBELL, bring
the princess.. QUICK!"
Sonic squeezed a bit tighter, enlarging the wound.

After a seemingly eternal wait, Packbell returned dangling the princess in
one of his hands. Sonic rotated a bit more, causing Robotnik to wheeze in
pain, "I don't believe you 'buttnik.. too bad.." Again the hedgehog edged
a few more degrees, cutting a bit deeper.
Packbell, picked up a bolt, and threw it against Sally's abdomen, it bounced
off. Sonic stopped slashing, "Sal.. is that you?"
Sally looked at him sadly, "Sonic, forget me!"
Robotnik's eyes exploded with fear, "If you kill me boy, you'll be burrying
your little friend in a bottle!"
Sonic smiled, "Maybe.. maybe not!" he rotated 10 degrees, blood began
torrenting out of the slash.

Packbell didn't waste any time, he pulled the pistol he had acquired while
fetching Sally and blasted the hedgehog.

But before Sonic was unconcious, he managed to rotate another thirty=
rupturing one on Robotnik's major arteries, and as the blue blaze fell,
a red blurr complemented him as it sprayed at the ceiling.

Robotnik frantically felt around on his neck, after five more squirts he
found the fatal-cut and held it closed with his robotic arm. Then in a cool
collected voice, looked down at the pathetic heap on the floor. "Ironic=
it rodent.. the more you try to hurt me, the more you help me.." he glanced
at his robotic arm. Then rolling Sonic over with a softish kick, dictated to
Packbell. "Begin Rendering."


When Sonic awoke he was laying strapped to a bed, on the bed next to him was
Sally. And looming above him, with an array of bandages on his throat was
Robotnik. He smiled evily, "hedgehog, I would kill you now, but I thought
it would be so much better if your friends joined in the experience.. that's
why I have released a new video.. thanks to technology invented..."
A hover-screen began showing the next premiere, this time Sonic getting
robotocized, and doing morbid interrogations employing his splines.
It ended with Robo-Sal and Robo-hog emracing one another, telling the other
freedom fighters what a great time they were having.
Robotnik left, the metal door clanging shut, leaving them in the cold,
dark, damp, musty room.

Sonic wanted to be sick, he could see it now, Tails.. trembling as Bunny=
to explain his hero's "robotocization". He could see the little fox's hair
standing on end, tears pouring down his face, his voice wavering--hoping for
some miracle. He could see him waving his fist... screaming..

No, he could not let that happen, he stressed against the restraints with
a new-found energy. He pulled with all his might, but finally, his energy
gave way and he just lay there looking up at the ceiling.
Across from him he heard Sally's straps creaking like leather as she too
tried to escape... after a few moments it ended with her voice.

"Sonic.. have you got a plan?"
He struggled again, ".. wish I did.."

Just then a metallic-scraping noise came from across the room, it was
followed by metallic foot-steps, which neither of the freedom fighters
could witness from their position. Sally strained to look to her left,
"Sonic.. there's something there.. mmmpppffff!"
"Sal.. what's going on?"





<Click!> <[Thud]>

Sonic paused, desperation covering his face, what was going on? He tried
the best he could to look left, but failed against the straps. He stressed
with all his might, then futily let his head fall back.

Something soft covered his mouth, he struggled frantically before something
familiar came to him... that smell... it reminded him of...
A strange feeling came over his legs, something that made them feel cold.
Another feeling came, this time over his stomach, then a voice whispered
to him as the hand withdrew itself from over his mouth. "..Relax.."

The final strap gave way, allowing him to sit up and observe the scene,
Sally was standing by his head, while across from her was his Uncle.

He jumped off the bed, shocked, then began, this time in a softer voice "I
thought.. I thought we were never going to.."
With that Sally embraced the hedgehog, a warm tear running down her soft=
The moment didn't last long however, Sonic quickly remembered the=
"Shi.. We've got to stop Robotnik, he's got that video!"
His uncled patted him assuringly on the back, "There's no need to worry,=
already sent a message to Knothole, so.." he smiled, "time is on your=

Sonic's sigh of relief was cut-off abruptly as the door made a metallic
clang--someone was unlocking it!
Sonic propelled his uncle back into the air-duct and replaced the grating.
The door began to slide open, firing a beam of brilliant light in from the
ionizer-lights in the hallway.

Before Snively even had a chance to realise what had happened, he was laying
strapped to one of the beds, with a less than pleased hedgehog looming over
him. "Securi...mmaaaammmgg!"; Sonic stuffed some of the bedding in his=

A moment later they were gone.

- - - - - - - - - -==- - - - - - - - - -==- - - =
 - - -
                            MID-Story Tension Breaker
Quick Insert by Marken Psantis. (Simon's evil twin brother.)

David (Pistone) was sitting at home watching his Sonic clips for the
4357th time when something odd happened, there came a rumbling noise from
outside.. a booming, like a jet passing into supersonic flight.

He dived out of his house just in time to see a blue-ish blaze fill his
field-of-vision. "Sonic!" he called out.

However, he had made a fatal error,
and it cost him dearly, for what he mistook for a blue-spiny-thing was
in fact a high-voltage static discharge (Lightning for normal people); the
shard of energy ran through his body, causing mass-electrolysis. As such,
stopping him from ever getting cellulite, and at the same time, altering him
on the structural level.

>From that night forth, things began to change, he grew hair all over his=
(Even his palms!), he started growing a tail (Which he got caught in the
lawnmower.. OUCH!) Then he did the final thing, he changed his name to
 BOOKSHIRE DRAFTWOOD! [Echo/Reverb and Oversample FX here]

Then started a "Sonic the Hedgehog" page on the Internet.

Thankyou.. Marken. [The last of the sane]


"Sal, why're we here?"
Sally walked over to a set of probes lying on the floor, "I've got an=
Picking up a metallic unit she began rattling on it's keys, Sonic stood and
watched, he wasn't big in the computer thing. He began tapping his foot, the
waiting was really getting to him, he looked at the wall, at the ceiling, at
Sal again, stopped for a moment, and then restarted the whole process.

A few minutes later Sally made an intelligent noise, Sonic expectantly
looked at her, but she continued toying with the device.
More time passed, Sonic made another observation of the walls.

Finally Sally stopped, "Okay, see those gloves over there?"
"Put them and the other sensors on..."
"But Sal..."
"Just do it, I have a plan."


Robotnik mumbled as he walked into the medical bay,
"My dear hedgehog, I have another video for... SNIVELY!" He almost tripped

His nephew shrugged in fear, "mmmpharrghoon!" Robotnik went into dimmented
laughter, "Mmmpphaargoon! Is that all you can say for yourself!
Mmmmphhaargoon! Mmmphharrgoon! You let the hedgehog escape.. and that's all
you can say! Mmmmpharrgoon!"
He ripped the sheet out of Snively's mouth, "Is there anything you would
like to add to that?"

NEEDED, THEN they wouldn't be free now WOULD THEY.. WOULD THEY!!!"
but instead Snively simply made a pathetic whimper which was soon drowned
out as a multitude of punch combos rained down on him.

A few minutes later Robotnik was even more annoyed, his only means of
relieving stress had passed out, he shuffled out the room, leaving his
nephew still strapped to the bed. "..Mmmphaargoon! "

Entering the hallway he glared at everything that passed him as he headed=
his personal quarters, abruptly he stopped, remembering something. Lifting
up a nifty little communicator he regained a grin. "Control, are there any
prisoners we haven't interrogated yet?" He stared across the hall as he
waited for a response.

"Sorry, we have no prisoners.." Robotnik stopped dead, Princess Sally was
walking just meters away, seemingly without noticing him she turned into
a room on his right. "Sir?" The communicator interrupted, "Sir, will that
be tolerable?"
Robotnik was already walking to the room his desire to inflict pain greater
than his logic, "yes.. that will be more than adequete.. goodbye."

He stopped at the doorway, smiled, patted the bandages on his neck, then
whacked the open switch, ready to tear anything he saw into pieces with his
bare hands. But all he saw was the princess curled up at the end of the=
in front of the fake robotocizer as if though she was sleeping,
his arms tingled with morbid desires.
He (almost) floated forward, chanting as he went, "my dear princess..."

Strangely she didn't seem shocked by his presence, not even turning around
to face him. "Just go away.." she moaned.
He wasn't used to being dictated to, "WHAT!?!"
"I said, just go away, leave me alone.."
"What?" Robotniks mind boggled.

He was now in close enough proximity to grab her, but he was far too shocked
for that. She was kneeling forward looking down, her face almost touching
the floor. He himself kneeled, curious as to what she was doing.

She rotated her head to face him, her face at the same height as his.
"Julian.." she smiled, "there's only one thing your videos don't have.."
He stared at her confused, until a voice came from behind, "We need you!"

The HEDGEHOG! He turned his head around in chaos, but at the same time,=
dropped a loop over his neck, and rolled backward, he turned back to grab
her, when suddenly the situation asserted itself. The cord jerked, dragging
him into the digitizer, the glass cylinder lowered, entrapping him inside.

His threats were cut off as the tube fully completed it's descent, Sonic
grinned at the squirrel, "Show-time!"
A yellow beam began to immerse the overlord, who continually banged against
the glass. His yells being reduced to a dulled groan.

Eventually the fun was over, the beam finished digitizing him; He started to
bang at the glass again, this time even cracking it. Then Sonic walked
towards him, grinned, looked back to the princess, and after a flash of
light changed to look just like him!

Sonic chuckled beneath his photon covering, Sally had beem right, the
squirrel walked over to him, pushed the holographic computer into the
hologram, took some cuffs off a wall, put them on, and then walked off with
Son-botnik posing as his prisoner.

- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==
=- - - -==- - - -==- - - =
                An hour and a half of glass breaking later.
- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==- - - -==
=- - - -==- - - -==- - - =
The glass shattered under another blow, and Robotnik was free, he grabbed
a rifle off a weapons rack, and headed into the main hall, calling to
swat-bots as he went.

They crowded around him, and then suddenly, grabbed him. He heard his=
voice resounding from down the hall, "Let's see what this..imposter has to
say after *WE* do some convincing..." Then Packbells voice added, "Well, I=
need a subject for that new experiment of mine.."

Robotnik squirmed, "Fools! This is me!"
Snively walked over in a non-standard attitude and punched him on the nose,
"Robotnik is powerfull, you're just plain pathetic hedgehog!"
Ivo roared with anger, "SNIVELY!"
Packbell just smiled, "We'll see how long that act lasts for. Swat-bots, to
my laboratory!"

= - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = -=
 = - : = - = - : = - = - :
                                   The end!
= - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = - = - : = -=
 = - : = - = - : = - = - :
                      Another quickie by Marken Psantis.

"Brilliant" Simon smiled as he studied the DNA string his measly 486DX40 had
churned out, "it's perfect!" He popped the disk into his molecular
reorganizer--a brilliant system capable of turning digital DNA strings into
their real world equivalents. (And running OaSis/2)

The machine finally came to a halt, spewing out the product, a creature
with eight legs and a long tail. It's body was completely covered in

"How Cute!" the human commented as it hugged onto his face and wrapped it's
tail around his throat.

After a day however he grew bored of it, and after finding it rather hard
to detach, donned a scalpel. With a little trimmin, it dropped neatly off.
When he picked it up, he found to his dismay that it was dead, "bummer" he
said to himself, and then looking again, "Shit! Ma's gonna kill me, that
cute thingies acidic blood has eaten right through the carpet!"

Later on that day, Simon had some indigestion while eating his favourite
food--fetta cheese. In the process another creature just like the one he had
thrown on the garbage dump, (after playing with it with the lawn roller),
ruptured out of his stomach.

As he dropped to the floor in agony he said to himself, "Darn, I don't like
those things anymore.. but I'll let that sucker get away.. after all,
what harm can *one* little alien do anyway?"

Without a digestive system Simon no longer drinks coffie, and has resorted=
injecting caffeine instead, he currently holds the task of protecting the
planet Earth from "Killer-mutant-off-road-racing-mice-from-Mars."


Ablater [Simon Howes]

..My God! It's full of stars!

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