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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 03:42:29 -0500

On Nov 03, 1995 23:20:27, ' (MR THADDEUS R BOYD)' wrote:

>HEEEEEY!!!! I only added X because that's the way the Prodigy Sonic
>been doing it forever, and besides, I got ENOUGH irritated responses (all
>right, one) from the club members I didn't include! Besides, if it makes
>anybody feel any better, X didn't have any better role than Sonic! (And
>besides that, now that I think of it, your attack is more appropriate to
>friend Eric's story, and I REALLY LIKED THAT STORY!!!)
WOAH! Hold it. I missed what happened here. Whats the stab? (sorry. I went
through and killed alot of messages, and i guess this was one of them
>> #) Forget about Sonic and focus on some other hero. [Who steals the=
>> show]
Now see here! I know Sir Kain (in my 1st story) was in it alot. And I
aggree with what you mean, but c'mn! Let a guy write a story the way he can
do best. I am not trying to steal the show. I'm jsut trying to develop a
good, solid character. This was an ORIGIN story anyways. I'm sorry if some
don't like it, but i'l try my best to avoid it if many disagree. (BTW,
Bookshire has the story but has been severely swamped to be able to update
the page...)
>> #) Have any mega-depressing parts. [That force me to meditate!]
FI you read mine, please tell me if I had any in there.. I try to have a
mix of all emotions, but try nto to go TOO far into that one.. I'm still
new to writing, so give me a chance...
>> #) Have any ninja's. [PHEWW!]
>Ninjas?! Where????!!!! I guess I haven't read that one yet...
>> #) Exceed 80 Chars on the X-axis. [Ahahahha!]
I used Microsoft Word for Windows to type mine up, then converted it into
plain text. If anyone wants ot read the story now, e-mail me, unless ya
want to wait untill Bookshire has the time to update his WWW site.

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