Re: Cold Deceptions

Date: Fri, 03 Nov 1995 23:20:27 EST

>This story was designed with the least possible added characters,
>[Oh sure, it has Bookshire or Packbell], but unlike some stories I've
>seen, it doesn't:
> #) Alter the storyline from there on.

Jaded Views didn't alter the storyline; it didn't even mention it!!! <VBG>

> #) Add characters that represent the writer. [Becoming hero's of=
> course!]

HEEEEEY!!!! I only added X because that's the way the Prodigy Sonic club's
been doing it forever, and besides, I got ENOUGH irritated responses (all
right, one) from the club members I didn't include! Besides, if it makes
anybody feel any better, X didn't have any better role than Sonic! (And
besides that, now that I think of it, your attack is more appropriate to my
friend Eric's story, and I REALLY LIKED THAT STORY!!!)

> #) Forget about Sonic and focus on some other hero. [Who steals the=
> show]

Well, how am I supposed to introduce Maxl/Jade/Tracker without them having
a big part of the story? Besides, there were others that did that and
remained really good: The entire Tolouse Trilogy, the stories involving
David Prower, and probably plenty of others I either haven't read yet or am
too lazy to mention!

> #) Have any mega-depressing parts. [That force me to meditate!]

Hey! I LIKED Bloodlines and On My Mother's Grave!

> #) Have any ninja's. [PHEWW!]

Ninjas?! Where????!!!! I guess I haven't read that one yet...

> #) Exceed 80 Chars on the X-axis. [Ahahahha!]

Use a word processor that won't let it, and your troubles are over!
(Bunnie's Bad Day was fine in Microsoft Word!)

Well, now that I'm finished defending myself, I'd like to say that very few
of these <ahem> "problems" will occur in my next story, The Hunt Begins
(except maybe the mega-depressing part, although it definitely won't be as
sad as On My Mother's Grave or Bloodlines), in which Sonic pretty much
remains the hero and very few third-party characters are mentioned (I would
give you a list of characters who DO, but it you'd think it was longer than
it actually is, because of various complicated events that I'm not about to
give away before the story's finished). I personally think it's the best
Sonic story I've written in quite a while (which isn't really saying much
since the only other one in the past few months is Jaded Views, which isn't
exactly my best work, whether I defend it or not), and it'll be worth the
wait, but that's for you to decide!


Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of Magic.
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