Re: Cold Deceptions

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 11:19:51 +0200

>On Nov 03, 1995 23:20:27, ' (MR THADDEUS R BOYD)' wrote:
>>HEEEEEY!!!! I only added X because that's the way the Prodigy Sonic
>>been doing it forever, and besides, I got ENOUGH irritated responses (all
>>right, one) from the club members I didn't include! Besides, if it makes
>>anybody feel any better, X didn't have any better role than Sonic! (And
>>besides that, now that I think of it, your attack is more appropriate to
>>friend Eric's story, and I REALLY LIKED THAT STORY!!!)
>WOAH! Hold it. I missed what happened here. Whats the stab? (sorry. I went
>through and killed alot of messages, and i guess this was one of them
>>> #) Forget about Sonic and focus on some other hero. [Who steals the=
>>> show]
>Now see here! I know Sir Kain (in my 1st story) was in it alot. And I
>aggree with what you mean, but c'mn! Let a guy write a story the way he can
>do best. I am not trying to steal the show. I'm jsut trying to develop a
>good, solid character. This was an ORIGIN story anyways. I'm sorry if some
>don't like it, but i'l try my best to avoid it if many disagree. (BTW,
>Bookshire has the story but has been severely swamped to be able to update
>the page...)
>>> #) Have any mega-depressing parts. [That force me to meditate!]
>FI you read mine, please tell me if I had any in there.. I try to have a
>mix of all emotions, but try nto to go TOO far into that one.. I'm still
>new to writing, so give me a chance...
>>> #) Have any ninja's. [PHEWW!]
>>Ninjas?! Where????!!!! I guess I haven't read that one yet...
>>> #) Exceed 80 Chars on the X-axis. [Ahahahha!]
>I used Microsoft Word for Windows to type mine up, then converted it into
>plain text. If anyone wants ot read the story now, e-mail me, unless ya
>want to wait untill Bookshire has the time to update his WWW site.

Whohaaay, relax everyone, I didn't say there was anything wrong with adding
characters, having ninjas, or having sad parts, I simply said that my story
wasn't going to go down those lines. Hey, a story, that I'm still fixing up
makes me feel real bad because Sonic isn't in it enough.. he's in about 40K
of the 120K


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