Cold Deceptions--killing!

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 11:16:08 +0200

>>This story was designed with the least possible added characters,
>>[Oh sure, it has Bookshire or Packbell], but unlike some stories I've
>>seen, it doesn't:
>> #) Alter the storyline from there on.
>Jaded Views didn't alter the storyline; it didn't even mention it!!! <VBG>
>> #) Add characters that represent the writer. [Becoming hero's of=
>> course!]
>HEEEEEY!!!! I only added X because that's the way the Prodigy Sonic club's
>been doing it forever, and besides, I got ENOUGH irritated responses (all
>right, one) from the club members I didn't include! Besides, if it makes
>anybody feel any better, X didn't have any better role than Sonic! (And
>besides that, now that I think of it, your attack is more appropriate to my
>friend Eric's story, and I REALLY LIKED THAT STORY!!!)
>> #) Forget about Sonic and focus on some other hero. [Who steals the=
>> show]
>Well, how am I supposed to introduce Maxl/Jade/Tracker without them having
>a big part of the story? Besides, there were others that did that and
>remained really good: The entire Tolouse Trilogy, the stories involving
>David Prower, and probably plenty of others I either haven't read yet or am
>too lazy to mention!
>> #) Have any mega-depressing parts. [That force me to meditate!]
>Hey! I LIKED Bloodlines and On My Mother's Grave!
>> #) Have any ninja's. [PHEWW!]
>Ninjas?! Where????!!!! I guess I haven't read that one yet...
>> #) Exceed 80 Chars on the X-axis. [Ahahahha!]
>Use a word processor that won't let it, and your troubles are over!
>(Bunnie's Bad Day was fine in Microsoft Word!)
>Well, now that I'm finished defending myself, I'd like to say that very few
>of these <ahem> "problems" will occur in my next story, The Hunt Begins
>(except maybe the mega-depressing part, although it definitely won't be as
>sad as On My Mother's Grave or Bloodlines), in which Sonic pretty much
>remains the hero and very few third-party characters are mentioned (I would
>give you a list of characters who DO, but it you'd think it was longer than
>it actually is, because of various complicated events that I'm not about to
>give away before the story's finished). I personally think it's the best
>Sonic story I've written in quite a while (which isn't really saying much
>since the only other one in the past few months is Jaded Views, which isn't
>exactly my best work, whether I defend it or not), and it'll be worth the
>wait, but that's for you to decide!

You seem to give me the impression that you feel like I'm pointing you out
or something.. <MBG> But don't worry, I've written two stories that would
get killed by my "it doesn't thingy" I still have to release the stories,
but I just wondered how I would do at writing a Sonic only story.. That's all.

And "Bloodlines", and "On my mothers grave" and most of the stories are
brilliant, the depression adds to the story. The whole Tolouse series I find
exceptionally good. My "it doesn't" thingie doesn't discredit the stories
that do include fan-fiction created characters, nor does it discredit
stories that have ninjas in, or are depressing. It simply says that this
story, won't have any of that in:
>>but unlike some stories I've
>>seen, it doesn't:


And for the info, I enjoyed ninety-five percent of the stories, Yes, I had
to meditate after that one night I read about five stories where freedom
fighters are getting thrown away like disposable diapers, but I still
enjoyed the stories. There were only a few, that I naturally, won't mention,
that I didn't enjoy. Generally I found this to be because the stories were
huge spelling and grammar mistakes on such a level no mere human could make
head or "Tails" of it.

Okay, so don't anyone flame me now, I didn't say YOUR story sucked, just
some stories. (5%)

Let me guess now, someone is going to come to me and say: "Hey Si, none of
the stories suck, so therefore you are saying that five percent of MY story



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